Global Heavy Commercial Vehicle Engine Forecast

(Published December 2006)

A rigorous and comprehensive analysis of Heavy Commercial Vehicles, relating engine demand to vehicle production had not, until 2006, been undertaken on a global basis. Given on-going developments in engine technology and the dramatic changes taking place in emissions legislation, there was a growing need for engine makers and component manufacturers to be better informed on this complex sector. In light of a very strong interest in this subject, coupled with the frequently poor availability of information LMC Automotive and Knibb, Gormezano and Partners completed research on an ambitious new study that endeavoured to answer the needs of the industry and fill in many of the data gaps.

The study provided a detailed analysis of global heavy on-road vehicles including trucks and buses for the weight categories 6-15t GVW and 15t+ GVW. The assessment provided commentaries, in an integrated database, on each engine manufacturer and each engine family in relation to technology, emissions legislation and commercial factors.

The forecast included vehicle production volumes from 2003 to 2012, engine manufacturer and volumes, engine specification (displacement, bore & stroke, configuration etc.), engine production location, emissions compliance level (i.e. Euro IV/V etc.) and emissions aftertreatment system type (i.e. DPF, SCR, EGR, etc.).


  • Integrated access database
  • Printed report containing all textual commentaries from the database
  • Invitations to the LMC Automotive Spring and Fall Conferences
  • Six-month client support

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