Global Markets for Diesel Powered Light Vehicles to 2019

(Published September 2009)

The latest edition of this wide-ranging and in-depth global analysis of the demand for diesel powered light vehicles re-examined the complex array of factors that drive demand, and provided detailed forecasts of future diesel penetration (by country and segment and by country and make) over an extended forecast horizon period to 2019.

The Study includes the following

  • Coverage of five global regions and 49 national markets
  • Review of key fiscal and regulatory changes in major regions and markets,including future planned and likely emissions standards and the effect of these changes on diesel penetration rates
  • Overview of technical developments in the diesel light vehicle sector and their likely influences on diesel competitiveness and market share
  • Review of the diesel light vehicle strategies of the major OEMs
  • Brief overview of developments in the gasoline sector, alternative powertrains and of the potential impact of hybrid and electric vehicle penetration on diesel shares;
  • Global forecasts of diesel penetration to 2019, by country and segment, and by country and make


  • Electronic download of the data and forecasts
  • A comprehensive set of MS PowerPoint slides illustrating the forecast methodology, the key drivers of light vehicle diesel markets and the activity of the key players
  • Access to our industry staff for clarification or general discussion of the study
  • Invitations to the LMC Automotive Spring and Fall Conferences
  • Six-month client support

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