Powertrain Forecasts

LMC Automotive provides four powertrain services which examine different aspects of powertrain development and usage – the Engine & Transmission Forecasts, the US Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast, the China Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast, and the Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast.

The Engine & Transmission Forecasts provide data and forecasts of light vehicle powertrain demand and production. Offering regional and global coverage, the reports and the associated databases offer forecasts of the volumes of each engine and transmission combination that will be fitted to all light vehicles in production, as well as the total demand for each engine and transmission.

The Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast is a unique service published semi-annually providing ten-year forecasts of hybrid and electric vehicle demand for three global regions and 14 national markets based on fiscal and regulatory drivers of this sector of the automotive industry and the strategies and technologies of the major OEMs.

The US Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast examines the latest market developments in hybrid vehicles and discusses advances in clean diesel, fuel cell and internal combustion technologies. Product timelines and future product plans support seven-year market forecasts. The reports also include hybrid and electric vehicle buyer demographic details and information related to consumer perception of hybrid and electric vehicle technology obtained from research conducted by our alliance partner, J.D. Power & Associates.

The China Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast balances fiscal, regulatory, and technical drivers of growth ahainst OEM investment plans and customer attitudes towards hybrid and electric vehicle technology in China. The report provides model-level coverage of the market, as well as historic hybrid and electric vehicle sales and forecasts over a seven-year time horizon.