Content & Deliverables

Content Includes

  • An overview (by region) of the fiscal and regulatory drivers of hybrid and electric vehicle demand
  • An assessment of the major OEMs' vehicle electrification strategies, by technology-type, charging facilities and vehicle sales by region
  • Model-level coverage of markets, representing:
    • Vehicle type (car size, wheel base, curb weight, maximum speed and range)
    • Battery type (voltage, capacity, charging time, charging solution)
    • Power type (motor power, motor torque, total system power & torque, engine type)
  • Historic hybrid and electric vehicle sales
  • Seven-year forecasts of hybrid and electric vehicle demand by:
    • Segment, group, make, model, technology-type

Deliverables Include

  • Quarterly electronic downloads of the data and forecasts, provided in annual, quarterly, and monthly timeslices. These downloads are provided with filters and pivot tables
  • Full online browsing and download access to the report and data via LMC Automotive's Interactive Delivery System & Data Viewer
  • Access to our industry staff to discuss these forecasts and anything that may emerge from them

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