Engine & Transmission Forecasts

LMC Automotive’s Engine & Transmission Forecasts provide the most comprehensive light vehicle powertrain forecasts developed for the industry. They offer vital information about the demand for, and production of, engines and transmissions fitted to light vehicles worldwide – information that is critical to companies in the component sector.

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Regional and Global Coverage

The Engine & Transmission Forecasts are regional services, covering Europe, North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region and together make up the Global Engine & Transmission Forecast.

Overview of the Engine & Transmission Forecasts

The Engine & Transmission Forecasts link LMC Automotive’s production forecasts to all engine and transmission combinations fitted to each light vehicle manufactured, to generate accurate and reliable total demand forecasts. These seven-year forecasts are provided by manufacturer, platform, model and model generation.

The key focus of the Engine & Transmission Forecasts is the examination of each OEM in turn, discussing in detail their engine and transmission requirements, strategies and production facilities. Independent engine and transmission manufacturers are reviewed in separate assessments. Discussion and analysis of technical trends in engine and transmission development and manufacture draw upon LMC Automotive’s extensive global research on conventional and alternative powertrain systems.

The engine forecasts are analysed by criteria including displacement, fuel type, block configuration and material, valve-train and power and torque. For transmissions, the criteria include transmission type (manual/automatic/CVT), number of speeds, driven wheels, engine orientation and transmission producer.

We now offer more precise driveline categorisation, specifying volume splits for front, rear, and all-wheel drive.  We continue to segregate by country, make and model for all engine and transmission types.

The forecasts are provided quarterly in electronic format, supplemented by electronic downloads of the latest forecasts. Their user-friendly, manufacturer-based format make them invaluable tools for any company with an interest in the engine and transmission sectors.

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