Content & Deliverables

Content Includes

  • Economic overviews by region and country
  • Sales and production overviews by region and country
  • Light Vehicle production summary tables by region, country, manufacturer, make and overall Engine & Transmission demand by OEM
  • Individual OEM Chapters examining sales, production and strategies and providing qualitative and quantitative reviews of all engine and transmission families
  • Separate assessments of independent engine and transmission manufacturers
  • Seven-year forecasts of Engine & Transmission demand by region, country, model and model generation, platform, make and manufacturer with full breakout of engine information including power and torque
  • Seven-year forecasts of Engine & Transmission production by region and by country, by manufacturer and by plant

Deliverables Include

  • Electronic delivery of all reports and all forecast data (with filters and pivot tables)
  • Forecasts in annual and quarterly timeslices
  • Industry update conference calls
  • Comprehensive client support

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