Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast

The need to introduce powertrain electrification is now widely recognised, as is a strategy by OEMs to reduce carbon emissions from the vehicles they manufacture. The rate at which the available technologies are emerging varies widely by region and is dependent on many factors. Within the developed vehicle markets, the penetration of hybrids and electric vehicles ranges from less than 1% to more than 10% of new vehicle sales.

Fiscal, regulatory, and technical drivers of growth are balanced against OEM investment plans and customer attitudes on new technologies. Key factors affecting demand for hybrids and electric vehicles are assessed for each country, including availability; durability of government incentives; frameworks surrounding vehicle emissions; and the strategies of key OEMs in each country.

The LMC Automotive Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast and accompanying report, provide a unique and comprehensive perspective on the prospects for this exciting sector of the automotive industry.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Published semi-annually, the Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast provides model-level coverage of three global regions and 14 national markets – it also includes US light trucks. The service provides historic hybrid and electric vehicle sales and forecasts over a ten-year forecast time horizon.

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