Content & Deliverables

Content Includes

  • Model-level coverage of three global regions and 14 national markets, which represents 80% of current global personal vehicle demand
  • Overview by country of the fiscal and regulatory drivers of hybrid and electric vehicle demand
  • Assessment of major global OEMs’ vehicle electrification strategies by technology and by region
  • Detailed summary of each Hybrid & Electric Vehicle with technology detail
  • Historic hybrid and electric vehicle sales and forecasts over a ten-year time horizon (including US light trucks) by region, country, vehicle segment, group, make, model, and technology type: mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range extender, battery electric, fuel cell, and IC-only vehicles


Deliverables Include

  • Two semi-annual electronic downloads of the data and forecasts, provided in annual and quarterly timeslices. These downloads are provided with filters and pivot tables
  • A comprehensive set of MS PowerPoint slides summarising the forecasts, and providing country-by-country Hybrid & Electric Vehicle analysis as well as the strategies of the top 20 OEM groups
  • Access to our industry staff to discuss these forecasts and anything that may emerge from them

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