Production Forecasts

LMC Automotive provides two distinct light vehicle production services – the Global Car & Truck Forecast and the Automotive Production Forecasts.  

While generated using the same proprietary sales and production forecasting model, the presentational format and depth of information provided within the two services differs.

The Global Car & Truck Forecast, the entry level service, offers an overview of global sales and production by region and by country and global light vehicle production by group, marque and model in a single publication.

In contrast, the premium level Automotive Production Forecasts are separate regional reports, which together make up the Global Automotive Production Forecast, and offer the production forecasts with manufacturer-specific chapters and in greater depth of detail, including model generation, platform, plant and, optionally, bodystyle and number of doors.

Finally, the European Trade & Inventory Service is a new LMC Automotive service, designed to assess current trade and inventory statistics in the European light vehicle market.  This service is unique in the European automotive industry, providing clarity where previously there has been an absence of this kind of information.