Automotive Production Forecasts

With its Automotive Production Forecasts, LMC Automotive offers subscribers detailed analysis of Light Vehicle production in both global and regional contexts.  Reviewing each vehicle manufacturer and providing in-depth breakdowns by model and market, the Automotive Production Forecasts are excellent sources of strategic and tactical planning information on Light Vehicle production.

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Regional and Global Coverage

Subscribers can select from four regional services, covering: Europe, North America, South America, and Asia Pacific.  For a wider perspective, subscribers can also choose the Global Automotive Production Forecast, a combination of all four regional reports in a global context.

The Automotive Production Forecasts are published quarterly through LMC Automotive’s interactive data delivery site, and are supplemented by monthly or quarterly downloads of the latest forecasts.  These can be provided in annual, quarterly and monthly (optional) timeslices, with filters and pivot tables. 

Overview of the Automotive Production Forecasts

In conjunction with Oxford Economics, LMC Automotive provides comprehensive macroeconomic analysis and Light Vehicle sales forecasts — these form the backbone of the Automotive Production Forecasts.  Through these reports, the subscriber gains access to detailed production forecasts and breakdowns of manufacturer strategies with a seven-year time horizon.

The forecasts begin with an overview of the key economic indicators affecting the relevant regional markets.  This is followed by an examination of each manufacturer in turn, focusing on recent performance, strategies, product portfolio and capacity, as well as new model releases.  In addition, the Automotive Production Forecasts provide a platform-by-platform review with a full assessment of each model built off a particular platform, including the history of its sales performance and the competition it faces.

Bodystyle and Number of Doors

For subscribers requiring additional detail, LMC Automotive offers a Bodystyle supplement. This option provides information on vehicle bodystyles and number of doors along with the data and forecasts offered in the main reports.

The manufacturer-by-manufacturer approach presented in the Automotive Production Forecasts makes them strategic tools with a practical application for component manufacturers and others interested in vehicle production.  In addition to the reports themselves and the supplementary data, subscribers have access at any time to our industry staff for support or queries regarding forecasts.

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All the LMC Automotive data and forecasts can be linked to customers’ own part numbers using the Campfire Interactive Financial Forecasting System.