European Trade & Inventory Service


The European Trade & Inventory Service is a new LMC Automotive service, designed to highlight risks that emerge from imbalances in the supply/demand equation in the European Light Vehicle market. This service provides greater clarity concerning OEM inventory levels where previously there has been an absence of information.
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Identifying Risks

Inventory analysis heavily influences aspects of our forecast assumptions, identifying potential risks to the near-term future.  Awareness of inventory trends, e.g. that an OEM is overstocked compared to a competitor, is vital to short-term forecasts of production and trade.  The trade assessments are critical for those suppliers who have country-specific components on certain vehicles. 

Scope and Coverage

The core feature of the European Trade & Inventory Service is an assessment of trade and inventory statistics for European-built Light Vehicles. In addition to sales and production figures, the service provides OEM assessments and critical analysis of key economic indicators, all of which combine to influence European inventory.  A thorough understanding of European inventory levels is necessary for any component supplier or manufacturer to remain informed of short-term trade and production trends.


The European Trade & Inventory Service is a monthly service, consisting of a written report and Excel database, published through LMC Automotive's Interactive Delivery System.