The Global Automotive Scenarios Service is a new publication designed to assess the impact of a range of plausible shocks to the global macroeconomic landscape, and the resulting effects on Light Vehicle sales and production over the coming years. This service provides a means for decision makers within the automotive industry to remain informed of potential risks in the face of a constantly changing global economy.
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The Essentials

Each quarter, key scenarios are identified and explored by Oxford Economics based on significant risks to both global and regional economies — these form the backbone of this service. Based on them, LMC Automotive quantifies the potential impact to global and regional baseline vehicle forecasts. These scenarios, and their global impacts, are discussed with reference to adjusted sales and production forecasts and macroeconomic outlooks.
With this publication, LMC Automotive has quantified major risks influenced by recent global events. In this way, impacts that affect the global Light Vehicle industry are defined, and those whose businesses rely on an understanding of the global automotive industry can make informed decisions.

Highlights Include:

  • Analysis from Oxford Economics of the global macroeconomic climate in the face of a number potential disruptions. In each publication, the range of scenarios considered is altered to include the most relevant global events.
  • A thorough examination of the respective outcomes of these shocks, including:
    • outcome probabilities;
    • alternate GDP growth forecasts.
  • Effects of these disruptions on the future state of the Light Vehicle industry, including:
    • adjusted sales and production forecasts;
    • analysis of key impacts;
    • alternative medium- and long-term outlooks.