Automotive Forecasting

LMC Automotive provides a comprehensive suite of global, regional and country specific automotive forecasting services to an extensive client base of car, commercial vehicle and bus makers, component manufacturers and suppliers, and financial and government institutions around the world.

In the area of Light Vehicles, LMC Automotive uses a proprietary sales and production data model to track, analyse and forecast global demand and build, model-by-model, over a seven year time horizon. This integrated global balancing model is essential to the generation of mutually consistent and credible forecasts which accurately reflect the dynamics of demand and take full account of production capacity limitations. Reflecting the growing importance of the Asian markets, the company also offers a variety of forecasting and information solutions to assist in the strategic and tactical business decisions necessary, addressed specifically at the Chinese, Indian and ASEAN markets.

In addition, and closely related to the production forecasts, LMC Automotive provides global engine and transmission supply and demand forecasts, and has created a unique space for itself in the area of hybrid and EVs. In the heavy commercial vehicle sector, collaborating with its partners, ACT and KGP, provides global truck and bus sales and production forecasts, as well as services in the heavy engine area.

Other Services

Outside the traditional area of automotive forecasting, LMC Automotive offers two other services, the European Trade & Inventory Service and, in association with Oxford Economics, the Global Automotive Scenarios Service. In addition, the company also undertakes a wide variety of consultancy assignments for either groups of customers (Syndicated Studies) or for individual companies (Proprietary Studies).

Syndicated Studies – Studies in this area are conducted on specific topics of interest to a wide range of customers. This approach enables clients to obtain, at a fraction of the overall costs of the study, the results of ambitious research projects. They are either undertaken directly under the LMC Automotive banner or, on occasion, in association with other institutions where there is a requirement for inputs that cannot exclusively be provided by LMC Automotive’s research team.

Proprietary Studies – LMC Automotive undertakes single client proprietary consultancy assignments tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. These can cover any aspect of the automotive industry.