Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast


For all passenger and light commercial vehicles (up to 6 tonnes), and offering a seven year time horizon, the JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast provides monthly forecasts, updated monthly, by manufacturer, make, model, body and door variant, covering 94% of global sales and a further 5% at a TIV level.

Developed in conjunction with JATO Dynamics, the world’s leading provider of automotive intelligence, this product is the market’s premier automotive sales forecasting service. It provides in-depth forecasts alongside detailed historical data, and includes strategic information on the dynamic drivers shaping the global automotive market. It is an invaluable tool for vehicle and component manufacturers wishing to understand the dynamics of global market demand.


The Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast provides two full years of historical data and monthly forecasts over a seven-year time horizon, fully updated every month. The service offers short-, medium- and long-term forecasts, which are derived from a thorough examination of the macroeconomic environment and outlook (based on the forecasts of the renowned Oxford Economics) and supplemented by the most up-to-date sales data and product cycle information. Quarterly reports analyse the current market position and share of each major vehicle manufacturer, discussing forecast drivers with in-depth country overviews.