LMC International

LMC International is the leading independent economic and business consultancy for the agribusiness industry. The company, founded in 1980 and privately owned, provides market intelligence, consultancy, analysis and advice to a global client base involved with agricultural commodities, foods, industrial materials, biofuels and their end-markets.

LMC has a dedicated Tyre & Rubber team, which produces data, reports, analysis and consultancy for these specific industries. More than two-thirds of the revenue generated by the global tyre industry is accounted for by the top ten tyre producing companies, all of which are clients of LMC International.

In addition, a dedicated team tracks developments in the markets for Biofuels & Biomass LMC’s work on biofuels and renewable energy is commercially invaluable since we work on the major first and second generation biofuels, their by-products and we cover all of the raw materials markets.

The company is headquartered in Oxford, UK, and has additional offices in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and a partner office in Brazil. Specialist teams within LMC analyse the markets for: Bio-based Chemicals, Biofuels & Biomass, Oils & Oilseeds, Oleochemicals, Grains, Sugar & Sweeteners, Starch & Fermentation, Feed Ingredients, Coffee, Cocoa, Food Ingredients, Rubber and Tyres.

For more information about LMC International and to find out how we can help you, visit our website: www.lmc.co.uk 

Products that may be of interest:

World Tyre Forecast Service provides the most complete source of information available on the changing pattern of production, demand and international trade in tyres. It gives a detailed supply/demand picture of 70 individual national and regional markets, plus world totals with forecasts for the next five years.

Tyre Size Service provides five-year forecasts of light vehicle tyre demand and production, by major region and for individual markets. The data is broken down by type of light vehicle (Car, SUV and Light Commercial Vehicle) and by tyre characteristic: speed rating, rim size, section width and aspect ratio.