Content & Deliverables

Content Includes

  • Global coverage across 40+ countries and 5 regions
  • Forecasts based on a unique, country-specific, econometric model driven by macroeconomic forecasts provided by Oxford Economics
  • Seven-year forecasts of sales and production information by region and country, manufacturer and group
  • Forecasts provided in both annual and quarterly timeslices

Deliverables Include

  • Four quarterly updates of the data and forecasts
  • Four quarterly Executive Summaries showing key trends, forecast changes, geographical production footprints and market shares
  • An Annual Review offering a global assessment of macroeconomic, sales and production trends, and views of the strategic positions of key players in the industry
  • Electronic delivery of all reports and all forecast data (in Excel with filters and pivot tables)
  • Access to LMC Automotive’s web-based query tool
  • Invitations to LMC Automotive Events and Webinars
  • Client support via phone or email