Production Forecasts

LMC Automotive provides two distinct Light Vehicle production forecasting services – the Global Car & Truck Forecast and the Global Automotive Production Forecast.

While generated using the same proprietary sales and production forecasting model, the format and depth of information provided within the two services differs.

The Global Car & Truck Forecast, the entry level service, offers an overview of global sales and Light Vehicle production by region and by country; sales by OEM and marque; and global light vehicle production by group, marque and model in a single publication. In addition, it provides global, regional and country forecasts  for Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

In contrast, the Global Automotive Production Forecast provides the most detailed analysis and forecasts of Light Vehicle production available. The forecasting time horizon is the current year plus seven years and the forecasts are both updated monthly and provided in monthly, quarterly and annual timeslices. Key data fields include: group, make, model, program, platform, design lead, plant and capacity and for customers requiring additional detail, LMC Automotive offers an additional module which supplements the standard data and forecasts with the addition of fields showing Bodystyle and Number of Doors.

In addition, LMC Automotive publishes the unique European Trade & Inventory Service. Launched in 2013, this monthly service is designed to highlight risks and opportunities that emerge from imbalances in the supply/demand equation for European sourced vehicles. The service not only quantifies inventory levels in raw numbers but also as Days Supply holdings, enabling the user to quickly identify where he may be at risk or have unexpected opportunities.