Global Car & Truck Forecast

The Global Car & Truck Forecast is LMC Automotive’s entry level forecasting service and one that offers a comprehensive view of the current state of the global automotive industry, together with wide-ranging forecasts of its likely evolution. It is unique in its ability to offer coverage of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles in a single service.

Global Sales, Production and Vehicle Population Forecasts

Updated quarterly in both hard copy and electronic formats, it provides data in annual and quarterly time slices with seven-year forecasts of sales and production for all major automotive markets worldwide, together with indicative forecasts for ten and 15 years ahead. Annual vehicle population data is also included.

Overview of the Global Car & Truck Forecast

The core value of the service lies in its complete coverage of the global automotive landscape. It shows clearly how economic assumptions and other factors influence vehicle demand in all markets, and how this in turn drives vehicle production. This overview then goes to the next level of detail in each country for Light Vehicles, detailing sales by marque, and production by model line over a seven year time horizon. The forecasts are complemented by assessments of each OEM and product life cycle charts for existing and future models.

The data and forecasts are also provided in a global electronic download which clients can interrogate using easy-to-use Excel functionality or alternatively, they can use the LMC Automotive’s Interactive Data Viewer.

And while the full report comes in electronic PDF format, it is also published in hard copy, making it a valuable and portable reference tool.